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Patient Awareness Campaigns

Empowering patients begins with arousing their level of awareness and concern, at the same time stimulating a well-informed interest in a particular topic or development.

Awareness furthermore implies reaching out to the right audience. In order to do so, you need to understand your target audience. We help you to do exactly that: understand your audience and reach out to them.

Organising Digital Patient Advisory Boards

Creating a patient advisory board can help you to validate your assumptions before you move on. Do you want to move fast and effectively? We contact patients and organise the patient advisory boards for you, fast, efficient and with high quality output.

Patient Engagement Framework

Having the right attitude in place combined with the relevant processes, this will allow you to be more effective in engaging with patients. We help you to create the right internal processes that suit your needs to be more patient centred.

Digital tools to educate patients and understand their needs

Improving quality of life of patients means understanding patients’ needs. We provide tools to educate patients and simultaneously assess their needs because we understand that patients’ needs might vary over time and are contextual. 

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Some of our project


Disease Awareness and Treatment Education

Are you looking for something unique to create more awareness around a specific disease area? We digitalise patient education programs for treatments & disease awareness for patients & caregivers.

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Creating communities for patients

We help you to create your online patient community. This will allow you to have a moderated, safe environment for patients & family caregivers to find information, & discover potential life-saving clinical trials.

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Patient reported outcomes measures (PROM) tracking tool

PROM allows you to capture patient insights in an objective, safe and secure way. Our digital tool focusses on educating patients on their treatment while allowing them to capture QoL data and symptom evolution.

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Chronic Cough Ambassador Program

Together with HCPs, patient organisations and industry, we coordinated the setup of an ambassador program and created content to educate patients to become patient experts, focussing on refractory chronic cough. 

Patient Navigator for Type II inflammation

Type II inflammation is not well know among patients and HCPs. We assisted GAAPP to set up, create content and implement a patient navigator for Type II inflammation.

Myosmart www.miopie-info.be

We implemented a patient and HCP information portal to inform both patients and HCPs about treatment options for myopia.