A matching service for every stakeholder Patient Organisations, Pharmaceutical Company, Hospital,Research Institute

We offer solutions to turn your patient engagement ambitions into patient driven actions. By collaborating we can collectively contribute to improve health outcomes of patients and their loved ones.


Disease education

Providing educational campaigns or specific disease education programs on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and support to a selected group of patients.

Treatment education

Setting up patient support programs to support patients in their patient journey, tailored to their treatment.

Clinical Trial Portal

A portal containing information about clinical trials, allowing people to search ongoing clinical trials. This trial portal can be embedded in your website.


Patient Advisory Boards

Collecting insights about patient needs through interviews, focus groups or surveys to map or update the patient journey.

Innovation workshops

A structured approach to identify and map opportunities and to translate these into feasible projects.

Patient engagement frameworks

Helping companies to create and implement their patient engagement strategy by taking into account essential patient engagement standards, tailored to their company culture.


Research projects to monitor and educate patients

The use of innovative platforms to educate patients and to collect patient reported outcomes using our health tracking features in a secure environment.

Our Mission

Patient Centrics mission is to improve quality of life of patients. This by working with patient organisations, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and academic centers where we believe that personalised patient education is key to patient empowerment. We offer on one hand patient engagement services and on the other hand pharma consultancy services. 

Some of the organisations we worked with: