Patient Centrics is a company created by patient experts for patients.  We offer insight and solutions to turn your patient-engagement strategy into reality. Over the last years we have worked with major patient organisations and the top 20 pharmaceutical companies.

Our mission is to create an ecosystem that facilitates patient engagement, thus allowing safe and innovative drugs to reach patients faster, ultimately improving the quality of life of patients. Delivering upon a value-based healthcare approach starts by understanding patients better.

By understanding both patients’ needs and corporate needs, we are convinced that with the right strategy in place, the development of innovative treatments will include PROMs that matter to patients, speeding up drug access. RWE, PROMs and PREMs, Shared Decision Making,…it will only happen with the right processes in place. Patient Centricity is more than just a mindset.

We are different because of the fact that  we start from the patient. Combining our professional knowhow  together with personal health experiences, allows us to take a different perspective on Patient Centricity and the patient journey. This is re-enforced by interactive patient-driven sessions  where we actively participate and support the identification of initiatives for further elaboration.

We work with Esperity to deliver digital tools to empower patients and to create insights to improve the quality of life of patients.