Patient Centrics is a company created by patient experts for patients.

Patient Centrics mission is to improve quality of life of patients. This by working with patient organisations, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and academic centers where we believe that personalised patient education is key to patient empowerment. We offer on one hand patient engagement services and on the other hand pharma consultancy services. 

By pooling patient expertise, medical expertise, engineering and health policy, we are driven by providing the right tools for the right patients to become more empowered.

Meet the Team

Mitchell Silva

CEO and Co-Founder


Erard de Hemricourt

Medical Lead and Co-founder



Costin Bereveanu



Nadia Peters

Project Manager

Kevin Morelle

Project Manager

Sajjad Mahmoudi

Medical Data Scientist/Analyst


Natalie Conforti

Patient Expert


Magali Mertens

Patient Expert Consultant


Eduardo Betancourt

Graphic Designer

Babak Alizadeh

Advisor and Cancer Biologist

Evelyn Lerinckx

Junior project manager

Some of the organisations we worked with: