Creating communities for patients

Is there a need for an online patient community?  Do you want to support a patient organisation with an online community or initiate a community to get shaped around a particulate disease without a PAG?

We help you to create your online patient community. This will allow you to have a moderated, safe environment for patients and family caregivers to find information, exchange experience and discover potential life-saving clinical trials.

Take a look on, which is a multilingual community which focuses oncology.

What does patient centrics offer?

1. A personalized login & registration page with your own logo

2. Esperity is available in 8 languages. You can activate your organization portal in the languages you want.

3. You can choose to have an open or closed community. A closed community means you need to enter a code to be part of it.

4. Easily create your events so that your members can become aware about activities that can empower them to take a more proactive role in the patient journey.

Why use our tools to create your community:

1.Anonymity of users
2.Email communication to your members
3.Integrated patient education material
4.Clinical trials information and guidance
5.Multilingual to reach out to patients on a global level (especially for rare disease)
6.Medical supervision (moderation)
7.Full set of tools to bring patients to empowerment (health tracking)
8.Possibility to submit surveys
9.Share your events
10.Porform and obtain analytics about specific items
11.Possibility to organize roundtable sessions with or without specialists

Example of a community