Turning your patient engagement strategy into reality

Educate and engage with patients to understand their needs and improve quality of life

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Promote shared decision making and understand patient profiles

This tool allows you to promote shared decision making by educating patients and trigger them to ask the right questions. The empowerme app also allows you to identify categories of patient profiles and what their needs are as a patient. This will allow you to provide better services to increase the quality of life of patients and caregivers.

Personalized patient education

We have worked with major pharmaceutical companies to work out a customized concept thus meeting their own specific corporate needs and ambitions.

Multi purpose app

This mobile and web application allows you to promote educational content for patients and family caregivers. We design and create a custom landing page for your, leading patients to the app to get access to the content. By integrating some profiling questions, we help patients to bring forward content that is relevant to them. Patients can take part a quiz and provide feedback on statements to understand patient opinions better.

This app can also educate patients on a new treatment they are about to start and assess their knowledge on how and when to take their medication, and what to look out for.

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Open or restricted access with a code

The app allows you to have a public campaign or a closed campaign that is only accessible after entering a unique code. This allows you to manage who has access to the content you provide.

Swipe left, swipe right, and understand the needs of patients

With our simple interface visitors can share their experience by simply swiping right or left. They will be able to see where they stand compared to other participants, which might trigger new questions and guide patients on the empowerment ladder.

Virtualise your patient events

Reach out to more patients by providing online free access to your content

GDPR and HIPAA compliance

Our technology uses state of the art encryption and security by design to assure the safety of our users. We work with an ISO certified partner for user authentication and separate user ID from the data that is stored on our servers.