Disease and Treatment Education

Using our very accessible, patient-friendly digital tools , we digitalise patient education programs for treatments and disease awareness for patients and caregivers.

Are you looking for something unique to create more awareness around a specific disease area?  Or are you collecting patient ideas to fine-tune your patient engagement strategy? We have worked with major pharmaceutical companies to work out a customized  concept, from idea through to  delivery, in order to meet their specific ambitions.

Below you can find an overview of our digital tools we employ to educate patients and to understand patients’ needs better.

Personalised Patient Education : Promoting Shared Decision Making and gathering Patient Feedback

Training on Patient Engagement

This mobile and web application allows you to promote educational content for patients and family caregivers. We design and create a custom landing page for your, leading patients to the app to get access to the content. By integrating some profiling questions, we help patients to bring forward content that is relevant to them.  Patients can take part a quiz and provide feedback on statements to understand patient opinions better.

This app can also educate patients on a new treatment they are about  to start and assess their knowledge on how and when to take their medication, and what to look out for.

Contact us for a demo. We take care of content generation and digital marketing to make your campaign a success.

Virtual conferences

We have produced over 20 virtual conferences in more than 10 countries, to provide educational content for patients, healthcare professionals and family caregivers. As in real events, a virtual conference allows visitors to view conferences (speakers and presentation), thus allowing visitors to visit virtual booths to download information and learn more about organisations and companies offering services to patients or healthcare professionals.

We work together with Talos Health Solutions to design the right strategy and set up your program of a virtual event. We take care of the filming and content collection to provide a flawless digital experience.

PROM tracking for patients

With our Patient Reported Outcome Tracking tool we allow patients to track their symptoms and report outcomes in a clinical setting. Our system allows patients to login securely and report their outcomes in a safe environment, while having access to educational content. Our system has won the Agoria e-Health Award in 2017.