Turning your patient engagement strategy into reality

Assess quality of life and other health parameters in our health tracking portal.

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Tracking Patient Reported Outcomes

With our Patient Reported Outcome Tracking tool we allow patients to track their symptoms and report health outcomes in a clinical setting. Following patients for research purposes has never been easier. 

Connecting researcher or HCPs with patients

One centralised portal to educate participants, collect patient reported outcomes and to manage participants will save time and resources while increasing our participants satisfaction. 

Easy, safe and unanimous access for patients

Patients can login with a secure and safe connection, while guaranteeing anonymity. The tool can be accessed both on a mobile browser as on a desktop. 

Increase retention of subjects

Having a simple, safe and accessible portal will motivate participants to engage fully in the research project. This means less dropouts and higher data granularity.

Easy management of your participants

Keep track of every participant in your research portal and get an overview about their progress in the project, all in one place. 

Save time and gain efficiency

Save time to manage your research participants by having one central dashboard with a status of every participant. You can send personalised messages and schedule events to connect in a clear and user friendly way with patients.

Instant access to data trends

You are able to have instant access to data trends of participants in your administration panel. Configure the graphs during the setup of your study.

Clear insights in a snapshot

In a snapshot you know how your participants are doing, allowing you to take appropriate action if necessary. 

Enroll participants fast and efficient in a compliant way

One-stop shop to keep track of your participants and engage with them throughout the project.

Educate patients about the project, include the informed consent and guide participants to become more empowered

Optimize your communication with your research participants

Personalize actions based on events participants report, such as alerts.

Personalize actions based on events participants report, such as alerts.

GDPR and HIPAA compliance

Our technology utilizes state of the art encryption and security by design to assure the safety of our users. We work with an ISO certified partner for user authentication and separate user identifiable data from the behavioural data that is stored on our servers.