Turning your patient engagement strategy into reality

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Patient Engagement, we wrote a book about it

Having the right mindset in place combined with the right  processes will allow you to be more effective in engaging with  patients. We help you to create your own particular internal  processes that suit your needs to be more patient centered.

The right framework in line with your company culture

Based on years of experience with the top 20 Pharmceutical companies, we have come to realise that every company has its own culture and way of working, their own experience and expertise and a unique vision. However, from our findings it could be concluded that so much more can be done to truly engage with patients across the various phases of the drug development lifecycle and far beyond.

Creating and capitalizing on the inherent capabilities within your organisation to effectively deliver upon patient-centric healthcare, an essential prerequisite needs to be fulfilled; identifying and implementing the relevant processes in support of the companywide patient centric objectives.

Our Patient Engagement Framework

We have used our methodology in both local affiliates as well as on a global level. Some of the aspects which are addressed include:

Understanding your mission on patient engagement and translating this to daily activities and operations.

Identifying KPI’s in line with business objectives.

Creating the right processes / SOP’s in line with regulatory and compliance requirements.

Identifying accountabilities within the organisation.

Identifying and scoping out pilot projects to deliver upon your patient engagement strategy

What we can deliver!

Here are some examples of concrete actions we can do:

Set up a patient-engagement framework.

Review your patient-engagement activities.

Write you SOPs on patient engagement.

Offer advice on identifying and scoping out projects to capture patients insights in every phase of the drug development lifecycle

Training on Patient Engagement

We have years of experience in bringing high quality content to a wide audience, in English, French and Dutch. As long as the topics
are within our field of interest (patient-centricity, patient engagement, RWE, PRO/PRE, patient engagement strategy, digital health tools).

We document, prepare and deliver the training program to a variety of functions within your organisation.  

Patient Engagement tailored to your needs

Are you organising an internal event, big or small, bringing together employees of your company to focus their attention on the importance of a patient-centred culture? We can help you to make sure this message is reinforced.

Whether you are organising training events for employees on a global level or within one local affiliate, we have the experience to bring home the right message.

These presentations are based on our own methodology and will be discussed with your “Patient Centricity leadership team” and tailored to your needs if necessary.

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