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We organise patient advisory boards for you

Creating a patient advisory board can help you to validate your assumptions before you move on. Do you need to move fast? We contact patients and organise the patient advisory boards for you, fast, efficient and with high quality output.

“Patient Advisory Boards to understand the patient pathway and patient perception”

Patient Advisory Boards

Take advantage of our rich experience conducting both in person and virtual advisory boards

Patient advisory boards present a useful medium to partner with patients to provide valuable insights to the drug development process and healthcare in general. They are indispensable for companies and healthcare organizations who wish to truly capture the patient voice in their products and services.  

Take advantage of our rich experience conducting both in person and virtual advisory boards for different pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies, patient organizations and research institutes. 

We use different formats and methods to ensure that the insights generate actionable insights that truly capture the patient’s voice and make a difference for patients.

Possibility to work in a fully immersive 3D virtual environment

We have developed a VR environment using the Oculus headset that allows patients to be fully emerged in a specific healthcare context to capture their experiences and emotions. We can customize this environment to maximize the patient experience to approach real life settings and to understand the patient pathway in detail.
A Phased Approach

A Structured Approach To Organize Patient Advisory Boards

When establishing and organising a good patient advisory board, there are several aspects that need to be taken into account:

  1. Internalise or externalise the patient advisory board: some companies are working hard to set up and establish their internal capabilities in order to deal with patients directly, others outsource this task fully to third parties, like Patient Centrics. We help you to find the best solution, whether it is internalised or externalised.
  2. Knowing your SOPs: before rolling out a patient advisory board, we check and confirm with you which Standard Operating Procedures are in place to make sure that there is alignment between the relevant directives and guidelines. If SOPs are lacking, we can help you to establish and document these missing SOPs or we can fully take over the patient advisory board as a third party.
  3. Designing the patient advisory board: we guide you through the steps in order to ensure that the objective of the patient advisory board is clear and realistic. This phase will address recruitment methods, patient compensations, the process flow of the advisory board and questions to be addressed , preparation of material and contracts with patients.