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Innovative ways to reach your target patient population.

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Creating awareness among patients 

We have worked with several leading Pharma companies in the industry as well as patient organisations to raise awareness on specific topics.

We are patient driven by nature and this clearly distinguishes Patient Centrics as a company compared to other agencies.  Our team of patient experts will brainstorm with you how we can best approach a given population.

One size does not fit all

It is our belief that one size does not fit all. All patients are different and some patients have other needs than others.

Understanding your patient population is a first step in order to design an awareness campaign that has impact.  We help you to identify the patient needs and apply the concept of co-creation with patients to deliver content that matters.

Disease Awareness Campaigns – The Metrics

Setting the right metrics is an essential part of your campaign. We help you to define those metrics and to come up with the right solutions to meet your objectives.

Our team can set up a data analytics dashboard to visualize the performance of your campaigns in real time.

Disease Awareness with our app empowerme

This mobile and web application allows you to promote educational content for patients and family caregivers. We design and create a custom landing page for your, leading patients to the app to get access to the content. By integrating some profiling questions, we help patients to bring forward content that is relevant to them. Patients can take part a quiz and provide feedback on statements to understand patient opinions better.

This app can also educate patients on a new treatment they are about to start and assess their knowledge on how and when to take their medication, and what to look out for.

Contact us for a demo. We take care of content generation and digital marketing to make your campaign a success.