Patient Engagement Framework

Having the right mindset in place combined with the right processes will allow you to be more effective in engaging with patients. We help you to create your own particular internal processes that suit your needs to be more patient centred.

Our years of experience in top 20 pharma companies, we realise that every company has its own culture and way of working, own experience and expertise and a unique vision. However, we have observed that over the years  so much more can be done to truly engage  with patients across the various phases of the drug development lifecycle and far beyond.

Creating the capabilities in your organisation to effectively deliver upon patient-centric healthcare requires you to have the right processes in place. We guide your organisation in setting up the right framework, training people inside the organisation to document and implement the right SOPs.

We have used our method in over 6 top pharmaceutical companies.
Some of the aspects that are covered:

  • Understanding your mission on patient engagement and  translating this to daily activities and operations
  • Identifying KPIs in line with business objectives
  • Creating the right processes / SOPs in line with regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Identifying accountabilities within the organisation
  • Working out pilot projects to deliver upon your patient engagement strategy

What we can do for you:

  • Set up a patient-engagement framework
  • Review your patient-engagement activities
  • Write you SOPs on patient engagement
  • Offer advice on and work out projects to capture patients insights in every phase of the drug development lifecycle